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Burke Manual Reclining Sofa
Burke Manual Reclining Sofa Swatch 1Burke Manual Reclining Sofa Swatch 2
More Options Available: Color
Tacoma Manual Reclining Sofa
Tacoma Manual Reclining Sofa Swatch 1Tacoma Manual Reclining Sofa Swatch 2
More Options Available: Color
Burke Manual Reclining Loveseat
Burke Manual Reclining Loveseat Swatch 1Burke Manual Reclining Loveseat Swatch 2
More Options Available: Color
Tacoma Manual Reclining Loveseat
Tacoma Manual Reclining Loveseat Swatch 1Tacoma Manual Reclining Loveseat Swatch 2
More Options Available: Color

Furniture That Reclines

Love reclining furniture? We do, too. Seriously, what’s not to love? It’s crazy comfortable and perfect for napping, relaxing, TV watching, entertaining…so many possibilities with a reclining sectional or reclining sofa. Whether there’s a big game, movie marathon, or at-home celebration, a recliner chair, recliner loveseat and recliner sofa will take things to the next level. And did you know they can be stylish, too? Yep, choose from a leather reclining sofa with quality materials or a reclining couch or reclining loveseat with added extras like quilted cushions or faux fur accents. There are so many options to make your home truly your own. Take a look at the reclining sets we offer—yes, a complete package to fill up your living space with these comfy recliners exists! 


And don’t worry that reclining sofas won’t fit in with your budget, because we’ve got Top Deals Reclining with everyday low prices. Comfortable styles that don’t cost an arm and a leg. There’s also our Designer Looks Reclining, which includes our ComforTech collection (Designer Looks without the designer prices). Yep, we’ve got you covered. 


Have some questions? Don’t worry—we have the answers! 


What’s better—a power reclining sofa or a manual style? Both are great, but there are definitely some significant differences. A power recliner can be dual power or triple power, with dual-power reclining means featuring an adjustable headrest and footrest and triple-power reclining having that plus adjustable lumbar support. Power reclining is pretty amazing and a choice you won’t regret! Manual reclining styles generally have less power and upgrades, but are also more affordable (great if you’re just starting out or don’t need all the bells and whistles). Just pull a lever to get your relax on.  

Can you talk about the features on reclining chairs and reclining couches? We have styles with hidden storage consoles, drop-down tables, cupholders, wireless and USB charging ports, LED lights, memory seating, reading lights and more. You can also find a style you’ll love with extras like real leather (get that reclining leather loveseat!) nailhead trim, bonus pillows, and so many others. 


What fabric should I choose for sectionals that recline, sofas that recline and chairs that recline? Your choice! Discover so-cozy options like chenille, polyester, microfiber and cotton—so great for snuggling on. Or if you want to upgrade to something long-lasting, opt for leather or velvet (durable and easy to care for!). 


What design styles do you have available for a recliner? Contemporary, classic and more! Whatever your style and existing home décor, you are sure to find something here that’ll fit right in. Bonus: Reclining styles tend to sit up higher and have firmer cushions meaning they’re extra cozy, but also great for people who need help sitting down on and getting up from their furniture (extra support for the win!).  


Time to shop! Let’s find you those perfect reclining styles for your space right now.