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Reclining Chairs

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Civenna Manual ReclinerBurke Manual Recliner
Burke Manual Recliner - BrownBurke Manual Recliner - Charcoal
Brookdale Dual-Power Recliner
Pacific Manual Recliner
Pacific Manual Recliner - CharcoalPacific Manual Recliner - Light Gray
Tacoma Glider Recliner
Tacoma Manual Glider Recliner - BlackTacoma Manual Glider Recliner - Brown
Luka Power Recliner
Luka Power Recliner - GrayLuka Power Recliner - WalnutLuka Power Recliner - Mushroom
Monte Carlo Dual-Power Recliner
Monte Carlo Dual-Power Recliner - ChocolateMonte Carlo Dual-Power Recliner - CreamMonte Carlo Dual-Power Recliner - Gray
Burke Dual-Power Recliner
Burke Dual-Power Recliner - BrownBurke Dual-Power Recliner - Charcoal
Jax Triple-Power Recliner
Jax Triple-Power Recliner - OceanJax Triple-Power Recliner - Walnut
Hank Power Lift Heated Massage Recliner
Hank Power Lift Heated Massage Recliner - BarkHank Power Lift Heated Massage Recliner - Steel
Jackson Triple-Power Recliner
Jackson Triple-Power ReclinerJackson Triple-Power Recliner - GrayJackson Triple-Power Recliner - Ivory
Big Softie Dual-Power Recliner
Big Softie Dual-Power Recliner - ChocolateBig Softie Dual-Power Recliner - Light Gray
Pacific Dual-Power Recliner
Pacific Dual-Power Recliner - CharcoalPacific Dual-Power Recliner - Light Gray
Olsen Dual Power Recliner
Olsen Dual-Power Recliner - DoveOlsen Dual-Power Recliner - IndigoOlsen Dual-Power Recliner - Silver
Cyrus Triple-Power Heated Lift Recliner
Cyrus Triple-Power Heated Lift Recliner - BrownCyrus Triple-Power Heated Lift Recliner - Gray
Bradshaw Manual ReclinerClyde Manual Recliner
Clyde Manual Recliner - BrownClyde Manual Recliner - CharcoalClyde Manual Recliner - Light Gray
Lark Power Lift Recliner
Lark Power Lift Recliner - GrayLark Power Lift Recliner - Brown
Windsor Park Dual Power Recliner
Windsor Park Dual Power Recliner - BrownWindsor Park Dual Power Recliner - GrayWindsor Park Dual Power Recliner - Ivory
Devon Dual-Power Recliner
Devon Dual-Power Recliner - CharcoalDevon Dual-Power Recliner - White
Buxton Power Lift ReclinerPalermo Triple-Power Recliner
Palermo Triple-Power Recliner - BrownPalermo Triple-Power Recliner - Gray
Bradley Triple-Power Recliner
Bradley Triple-Power Recliner - BlackBradley Triple-Power Recliner - Brown
Vince Dual-Power Recliner
Vince Dual-Power Recliner - BrownVince Dual-Power Recliner - Gray
Newport Dual-Power Recliner
Newport Dual-Power Recliner - BlueNewport Dual-Power Recliner - CreamNewport Dual-Power Recliner - Gray
Harbor Park Power Recliner
Harbor Park Power Recliner - BrownHarbor Park Power Recliner - Gray
Damen Manual Gliding Recliner
Damen Manual Gliding Recliner - CharcoalDamen Manual Gliding Recliner - Light Gray
Tacoma Dual-Power Recliner
Tacoma Dual-Power Recliner - BlackTacoma Dual-Power Recliner - Brown
Simone Manual Recliner
Simone Manual Recliner - BeigeSimone Manual Recliner - BlackSimone Manual Recliner - Brown
Rory Dual-Power Recliner
Rory Dual-Power Recliner - CharcoalRory Dual-Power Recliner - Light Gray
Maxie Dual-Power Recliner
Maxie Dual-Power Recliner - DoveMaxie Dual-Power Recliner - Java
Bronx Manual Recliner
Bronx Manual Recliner - GrayBronx Manual Recliner - Tan
Portico Pushback Recliner - GreyWestgate Dual-Power Recliner
Westgate Dual-Power Recliner - BrownWestgate Dual-Power Recliner - Fog
Jackson Manual Recliner
Jackson Manual Recliner - BlackJackson Manual Recliner - GrayJackson Manual Recliner - Ivory
Legacy Manual Recliner
Legacy Manual Recliner - BlackLegacy Manual Recliner - Gray
Duval Manual ReclinerDexter Rocker Recliner
Dexter Rocker Recliner - CharcoalDexter Rocker Recliner - White
Beckett Glider Recliner
Beckett Glider Recliner - CharcoalBeckett Glider Recliner - Gray
Bexley Dual Power Recliner
Bexley Dual Power Recliner - BlueBexley Dual Power Recliner - Chocolate
Deans Oversized Power Lift Recliner
Deans Oversized Power Lift Recliner - CamelDeans Oversized Power Lift Recliner - Dark Gray
Bronx Manual Recliner - BrownPreston Dual-Power Recliner
Preston Dual-Power Recliner - BlackPreston Dual-Power Recliner - Caramel
Mitchell Dual-Power Recliner
Mitchell Dual-Power Recliner - CharcoalMitchell Dual-Power Recliner - White
Peter James Push-Back Recliner
Peter James Push-Back Recliner - BluePeter James Push-Back Recliner - CreamPeter James Push-Back Recliner - Gray
Ginny Push-Back Recliner
Ginny Push-Back Recliner - BlueGinny Push-Back Recliner - Gray
Damen Dual-Power Recliner
Damen Dual-Power Recliner - CharcoalDamen Dual-Power Recliner - Light Gray
Laredo Manual Recliner
Laredo Manual Recliner - ChocolateLaredo Manual Recliner - Gray

Chairs That Recline

Make yourself comfortable in chairs that recline. Yes, total relaxation is yours with power reclinersmanual recliners, leather recliners...all the style you could ever want. We also have reclining sets with reclining chairs, reclining sofas, reclining sectionals and reclining loveseats that are sure to fit right in. And some with bonus extras like USB charging ports, hidden storage, convenient cupholders, memory seating and more. We’re here to help with all the questions and answers about our recliners. 


What’s manual reclining? Manual reclining is easy! It’s pulling a lever to kick back and get all the rest and relaxation you need ASAP. 


How about dual-power reclining? Dual-power reclining features an adjustable headrest and footrest at touch of a button. Quick comfort for those who love laidback living! 


Lastly, what’s triple-power reclining? Triple-power reclining is the cream of the crop with an adjustable headrest, lumbar and footrest. Truly, the ultimate in reclining. 


Will a recliner fit my lifestyle? Chairs that recline are typically firmer and sit up higher, making it the ideal choice for those who could use a little help getting in and up from furniture. We also offer plenty of supremely comfortable and stylish options, making recliners a great choice for any family.  


What’s the best material for a recliner? You choose! We’ve got lots of different fabrics like real leather, chenille, faux leather, microfiber and so many other comfy fabrics that are all great options. 


What styles do you have? All across the style board! Everything from classic to contemporary making it easy for you to find a style to fit into your home. 


What features should I choose? Again, totally up to you. Think about what you’re using it for and the space in your home you’re planning on putting it. Contemplating a recliner for the family room to watch TV? Something with cupholders and a storage console for your remote would be great. Thinking about a recliner for a bedroom or nursery? Check out our full-extension recliners that’ll give you that cozy spot you need. Want a gorgeous recliner front and center in your living room? Shop styles with added details like nailhead trim or tufting to bring some extra style to your space. 


Still not sure? See what everyone else is loving and shop our best selling recliners! 


Don’t forget we have rocking chairs, swivel chairs, power lifts and more, so you can find exactly what you need for your home. Just be prepared! All your family and friends will love coming over to live the lounge life with your new recliner from Value City Furniture!