The Ethan Collection
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The Ethan Collection

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The Ethan Collection has modern, clean lines and a classic silhouette. Ultra-comfy deep seating with bench-style cushions for a stay-put design.

Collection Color Options

light brown swatch

Depalma Taupe

white swatch

Anders Ivory

gray swatch

Living Large Charcoal

bella peacock swatch

Bella Peacock

broderick saffron swatch

Broderick Saffron

blue swatch

Dudley Indigo

bloke smoke swatch

Bloke Smoke

bridger navy swatch

Bridger Navy

presidio chocolate swatch

Presidio Chocolate

burmese granite swatch

Burmese Granite

merino chalk swatch

Merino Chalk

gray swatch

Hearth Cement

fincher ivory swatch

Fincher Ivory

broderick sea glass swatch

Broderick Sea Glass

blue swatch

Abington Indigo

bridger jade swatch

Bridger Jade

gray swatch

Everton Grey

gray swatch

Hugo Graphite

fincher buff swatch

Fincher Buff

broderick natural swatch

Broderick Natural

broderick flame swatch

Broderick Flame

gray swatch

Mason Flint

blue swatch

Oakley Ink

liv dove swatch

Liv Dove

liv arctic swatch

Liv Arctic

broderick sand swatch

Broderick Sand

fincher sand swatch

Fincher Sand

broderick indigo swatch

Broderick Indigo

white swatch

Mason Porcelain

gray swatch

Laurent Charcoal

argo navy swatch

Argo Navy

gray swatch

Curious Charcoal

gray swatch

Abington Fog

light brown swatch

Laurent Beach

orange swatch

Contessa Paprika

liv sand swatch

Liv Sand

presidio steel swatch

Presidio Steel

bloke snow swatch

Bloke Snow

bloke cotton swatch

Bloke Cotton

bloke peacock swatch

Bloke Peacock

elliston gray swatch

Elliston Gray

bridger metal swatch

Bridger Metal

white swatch

Curious Pearl

bloke goldenrod swatch

Bloke Goldenrod

blue swatch

Argo Tropic

contessa ginger swatch

Contessa Ginger

gray swatch

Dudley Gray

gray swatch

Victory Smoke

liv pearl swatch

Liv Pearl

oslo snow swatch

Oslo Snow

pandora pepper swatch

Pandora Pepper

muse stone swatch

Muse Stone

liv wicker swatch

Liv Wicker

sublime cream swatch

Sublime Cream

light brown swatch

Dudley Buff

sublime dove swatch

Sublime Dove

blue swatch

Contessa Shadow

gray swatch

Sherpa Charcoal

oslo navy swatch

Oslo Navy

presidio fawn swatch

Presidio Fawn

white swatch

Sherpa Ivory

argo java swatch

Argo Java

bridger shell swatch

Bridger Shell

broderick charcoal swatch

Broderick Charcoal

cosmo dove swatch

Cosmo Dove

sublime pewter swatch

Sublime Pewter

bloke brick swatch

Bloke Brick

bloke clay swatch

Bloke Clay

Collection Orientation Options

right facing diagram


left facing diagram


Collection Cushion Options

hybrid comfort

Hybrid Comfort

foam comfort

Foam Comfort

Pieces in this Collection

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