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The Art of Fresh Air

Cozy outdoor setups made for lawn parties, afternoon naps and every backyard hang in between. Durable, comfy, extremely stylish—we got you covered.

Designed for Outer Life

Tried-and-true materials. Built-to-last construction. We take quality and durability to the next level.

Resin Wicker

Resin Wicker

Get wicker’s classic good looks—with the added perk of resiliency. That’s exactly what resin brings, making our hand-woven wicker weather-resistant by holding its own against rain and keeping its shape in the summer heat. All this, plus it’s easy to clean.

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Outdoor Aluminum


How can something so lightweight be more durable than steel? Our powder-coated aluminum frames are simply more resistant to the elements and sunlight than steel (it’s rust-proof, too!)—all thanks to our protective hand-painted finish. Bonus: This same finish gives ours that gorgeous wood look. All in all, we’re not saying aluminum is the superhero of metals. But we sure haven’t found its kryptonite yet.

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Outdoor Wood


Strong, durable and naturally weather-resistant. Chalk it up to wood’s ability to retain its natural oils and rubber long after it’s processed. Which also means mold and parasites don’t stand a chance—and your outdoor wood furniture will be around for years.

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Outdoor Cushions

Fabric Cushions

Durable and fade-resistant, our cushion covers hold their own against sunlight for up to 1,000 UV hours—pretty close to the industry’s leading performance fabric brand at up to 1,200 UV hours for their most popular fabric. Plus, our removable covers make it a breeze to clean. Add to all this our supportive and resilient foam-core cushion, and you’ve got a perfect place for outdoor

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Trendy outdoor faves our team voted best all around, best looking, life of the party ... the list goes on.

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