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Eco-Performance Fabric

Over 500,000 bottles recycled... and counting. That's 500,000+ plastic bottles saved from landfills. And 1,000,000+ reason we want to thank you for choosing eco-performance fabrics. New! Eco-performance fabrics spill proof. kid-proof. life-proof. now earth-friendly, too.

New! Eco-Performance Fabrics

Choose from 20+ performance fabrics. All stain-resistant, moisture-repelling and basically life-proofโ€”now eco-friendly, too! And all with (super-soft) REPREVEยฎ fibers made from recycled plastic bottles.

How this - Landfill-bound plastic bottles > are process into flakes and resins > which gets spun into fibers > and woven into fabric. .. turns to this.
How many plastic bottles does it take?
Pillow up to 16 bottles. Chair up to 65 bottles. 2-piece sectional up to 257 bottles. 3-piece sectional up to 319 bottles. 4-piece sectional up to 371 bottles.

Each yard of fabric is made of at least 30% recycled plastic bottles. Now look at how many plastic bottles you could be upcycling. (And just imagine how many bottles a larger sectional would save!)

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Why performance fabric? Stain-resistent, moisture-repelling, east to clean- it does it all. We'll cheers to that any day (no, really, drinks on us!).
New! Eco-performance fabrics. Good for the planet. good for everyday life. Look for this logo
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