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Full Mattresses

Full Size Mattresses

You sleep a lot in your life…like, a lot. One third of your life, to be exact. Meaning, you should have a super comfortable mattress that caters to you. Your sleeping positions, your body temperature, how you move throughout the night—all these things should be taken into account when shopping for full size mattresses. And we’ve done our research, and we know how to help you find the right, just-for-you solution. The mattress of your dreams.  


Our full mattresses are great for guest rooms, kids’ rooms, your bedroom and more. It’s one of our most popular sizes that works great just about anywhere you put it. Check out our assortment of mattress brands carrying full size mattresses, including our very own exclusive brand. Our Dream Mattress Studio features an entire collection designed with your needs at the forefront. Morning aches? Tossing and turning? Night sweats? We’ve got you covered with styles to combat, and accommodate, all of your issues. We’ve also crafted three levels of comfort, five levels of support and five levels of coolness to help you truly find the Dream mattress that’s tailored for you. We also carry brands you love like Simmons Beautyrest. Your best night’s sleep is waiting…are you ready? 


We’re sure you have some questions, and we’ve got the answers! All our frequently asked questions are right here. 


How big is a full mattress? It’s 54” wide x 70” long. 


Can you tell me about those different comfort levels? Of course! Here are our three different levels: 1. Soft: cushiony comfort, without that sinking feeling, that compresses easily to the touch; 2. Medium: best of soft and firm comfort and moderate sink-in; and 3. Firm: substantial comfort and minimal sink-in that recovers quickly from contact.  


I sleep on my side, so what’s my mattress match? A soft mattress is most likely the one for you. Something that conforms to your body, while still giving you the support you need. Try a soft memory foam mattress—we’ve got several great full size options to choose from.  


I sleep on my stomach—what’s my mattress match? Stomach sleepers usually do well on a firm mattress. A style with firm foam or dense innerspring that offers the support needed is definitely what you should look for. Shop our full styles to get your most comfortable night’s sleep, stomach sleeper! 


I sleep on my back—what mattress match is for me? A little softness, a little firmness. Something right in between the two when it comes to a full bed is what you should be looking for. You want your back to feel supported and for your spine to stay aligned, happy and healthy. 


Talk to me about your different support levels? We’ve got five: 1. Our Least Support level has minimum coils and foam layers; 2. Our Less Support level has additional coils and foam layers; 3. Our Some Support level has extra coils and foam layers; 4. Our More Support level with extensive coils and foam layers; 5. Our Most Support level has maximum coils and foam layers. 


And your coolness levels? Again, there are five! 1. Our Coolness level draws heat away upon initial contact; 2. Our Extended Coolness level draws heat away longer; 3. Our Extended Coolness+ level draws heat away even longer; 4. Our Lasting Coolness level continuously draws heat away; 5. Our Lasting Coolness+ level continuously draws heat away even longer. 


Should I shop full mattresses in your store? You definitely can! We understand online shopping isn’t for everyone when it comes to mattresses, which is why we’ve got lots in stores. Head to your local Value City Furniture to shop our full mattress selection—lay on them, get comfortable on them, try them out for size. You’re sure to find the one! 


What about mattress accessories, do you have those? We do! Adjustable bedsbed framesbed linens & throw, pillows and more are right here. You can even get your bed along with the matching set when you shop with us. All the furniture you need to turn that bedroom from a room to a retreat in an instant!  


Do you carry other mattress sizes? You can shop twin mattressesqueen mattresses and king mattresses, along with your full mattresses, with us. We’ve got them all.