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Dream Refresh Soft Mattress



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dream refresh white twin mattress
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  • Height (inches): 14"
  • Width (inches): 39"
  • Depth (inches): 75"
Unique Features:
  • SKU: 2044153
  • Why We Love This: The Dream Refresh Soft Mattress gently whisks away the stressors of the day and lets you rest easy and cool. With layers of plush foam, the Refresh mattress is ready to cater to your shape and supports any sleeping position.
  • Material: Polyester
  • Unique Features: • A layer of traditional memory foam gives additional luxurious softness. • Super soft foam is added to provide that extra plush cushioning. • The gel memory foam offers heat control to stop nighttime overheating. • Designed to wick away body heat from the sleeping surface, the ice yarn double jacquard cover keeps you cool all night long. • Foam is a versatile material that can be molded to fit whatever sleeping style serves you best.
  • Care Instructions: Rotate mattress as needed to promote even wear. Use of a mattress protector to prevent soiling is recommended.

Dream Refresh Soft Mattress

dream refresh white twin mattress